WMKC Ministry Partners

WMKC strives to work with ministries that share its desire to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.  To this end, we have established close relationships with numerous ministries that we believe share this goal and are good stewards of the resources entrusted to them.  If you would like more more information regarding one of our ministry partners, please feel free to contact us or you can contact the ministry directly.

One Hope

Vision: To affect destiny by providing God's eternal word to all the children and youth of the world.

WMKC supports the activities of OneHope through donations, active participation on project teams, sponsorhip of distributions of books and materials and representation on the Board of Directors.



The Conquerors International Strength Team

Mission: To transform communities worldwide with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

WMKC supports The Conquerors through donations, sponsorship of project teams and through gifts of office space, literature and other supplies.



Christ for India

Mission: To spread the Gospel to India by starting and growing churches, schools, orphanages and Bible schools throughout India. 

WMKC supports Christ for India through donations, fundraisers, literature and other supplies.



Who I Am In Christ Booklets

Mission: To let all people know what the Bible has to say about them through a booklet containing Bible verses.

WMKC supports Who I Am In Christ Booklets through donations, fundraisers, administration, literature and other supplies.



Generous Giving

Mission: To transform the hearts and minds of God's people for revolutionary generosity that changes our world.


WMKC works with Generous Giving by connecting and furthering its mission.


Pebbles and Stones

Mission: To encourage God's children of all ages and people groups to listen to His voice of love and respond to Him.

WMKC supports Pebbles and Stones through donations, literature and other supplies.



Path of Life

Mission: To reach Ludington, Michigan by bringing people to Christ. 

WMKC supports Path of Life through donations.


Grace Ministries International

Mission: To send missionaries throughout the world to evangelize the lost, plant churches, train leaders, and help meet educational, medical, and developmental needs of the community.

WMKC supports Grace Ministries International through donations.



Youth Alive

Mission: To bring Jesus Christ to the middle school, junior high and high school campuses in Michigan and to make impact through prayer, empowerment, networking and outreach.

WMKC supports Youth Alive through donations.


International Steward

Mission: To train every ministry in every community to become locally funded, because every Christian is a maturing steward.

WMKC supports International Steward through donations and consulting.